Evita Peron

Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher were great leaders. I know some folks would think that Hillary Clinton would also be in their league. My own thoughts are those women rose on their own. Would Hillary be where she is today without Bill? I have trouble separating her achievements from those of her husbands.

Then again some folks like Bills achievements, and would not want to separate them. Then we fall right back into two decades of partisanship. How about term limits on dynasties?

I do not understand the glee and the anticipation of the demise of a major political party that Democrats exhibit when they talk of about the end of the Republican party as caused by Donald Trump. Really? I fully expect Donald J Trump to revitalize the Republican party. Then to play the devils advocate, say if the Republican party ceased to exist. Well we would be in a really scary place. Currently the Democrats party line and media bias are indistinguishable. Then the supreme court would follow the new party ideology. Religion, currently under threat of banishment from the state would be forced to capitulate to state control.

So what would we have left? A single party system that controls the media and the courts. Religion would be eliminated as a cause of racism. No wonder I am fascinated with North Korea.


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