Great Hat

Make America Great Again Hat Review

So the Trump campaign loves me so much they gave me this hat. Unsurprisingly it is a Great Hat. Of course it is made in the USA, like more stuff should be. The first thing I discovered is that it is a great convertible hat. It does not blow off my head. I think it’s a bit deeper than most hats. Maybe because it has two lines of type. So it firmly hangs onto my head. If I were to choose a Trump hat I would have chosen a red hat because I like Red. However the wise people of the Trump campaign decided to give me a white hat. Maybe because they think I am a good guy? Good guys wear white hats, or so I have been told. Of course they may have just run out of more desirable red hats. So now I have a good guy mentality. It is a bit hard to do because the hat is so white, I have to be careful to not get dirt and grease on it. But all in all, I am happy to be a good guy in a white hat that stays on my head when I drive the convertible.

An unexpected side effect is the reactions of people to the hat. I have always been a peaceful type of guy and have never reacted strongly to what people wear. I have been known to complement people that wear Hawaiian shirts though. So I was not surprised when I received complements on the hat. When I get a compliment, if I am able I will give the person a bumper sticker or a yard sign. The unexpected reactions were of people that I consider my friends, they would not let me wear my hat. I’m actually quite hurt by that. It is a good hat, free, made in the USA, does not blow off my head, keeps the sun out of my eyes, and makes me feel like a good guy. They hate it. What is wrong with my friends?

Maybe if the type on the hat was printed in a mirror image they would not be able to understand it. Not that I see anything wrong with what the hat says. I think America is great, one of my favorite sayings is “Life Is Good”. It’s they that do not like my hat who complain about our country. At least that is my perception. The again is for them, it is the same as saying, Make America Great For Everybody.


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