M&M’s and Donald Trump

Some people say that Donald Trump does not like M&M‘s. Actually a lot of people, and the press say that Donald doesn’t like M&M’s. Well they are wrong Donald loves M&M’s. He just didn’t like the M&M’s with nuts in them. You can not tell if a M&M has a nut in it by its color. It is actually hard to tell if a M&M has a nut in it. So the easiest way to avoid the nuts is to avoid M&M’s. However M&M’s are so good and yummy. So trying to avoid a nasty MS-13 nut, or a dangerous jihadist nut whilst enjoying M&M’s is actually rather difficult. We are smart people, we should be able to enjoy M&M’s while avoiding the nuts.

Full disclosure, I enjoy M&M’s and am allergic to nuts.


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