Silly Tweets

Donald made some obtuse tweet about Huma Abedin, and her silly husband Anthony. As usual the tweet is just to stir the kettle. The media jumped right on it, and that’s how I came to hear about it. I find Huma a rather intriguing person. Mysterious and exotic, she is a close aid to Hillary. Born in the United States, she was raised in Saudi Arabia. Then when she returned to the United States she soon became part of the Clinton team. I actually view Huma as the woman behind the woman. I am sure there is a good book or two in the Huma Abedin story.

Huma had a most fairytale wedding to rising political star Anthony, look it up if you have free time. Weddings do not get any better, as far as lavishness goes. Not sure who paid for it, but it was the political event of the year. Sad it ended up as it did, but I have to wonder if it was a marriage of convenience. Just part of the show.

People being people there has to be some emotional repercussions, could be actual heartbreak of broken love. Or simply sadness from the loss of a charade. In any rate, it is much more complex than a silly tweet.

The news cycle has already moved on, however I think this is a sad story of broken dreams deep within the Clinton camp. The ramifications will not be subtle.


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