Al Gore and I

Speaking of the political capital from winning the popular vote, we have Al Gore. So what did Al do? Well we all know he invested his in Climate Change. Or was it Global Warming? Anyway it’s just the buying and selling of carbon credits. He has been very effective too, over two thirds of Americans believe in “Human Caused Climate Change”. Something that I can believe in part. If I light a match, the world gets warmer. This is something that I can agree with. Now I will tell you havewhere Al and I part ways.  If I make toast, the world gets warmer. Al would disagree, my toaster is wind powered, therefore it doesn’t contribute to climate change. In fact, my warm toast is eligible for cash because its been warmed with green energy. Oh?

I will tell you what green energy is. Carbon Dioxide! Trees and plants love carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide actually makes plants greener. So I am actually at a loss when I am told carbon dioxide is bad and needs to be taxed or eliminated. I will agree that there is a lot of bad stuff that can be generated with carbon dioxide. All sorts of cancerous particles and gases. Now that stuff is bad, and stinky.

So I do worry about the bad stinking stuff that makes people sick. I just don’t worry about Co2, because it actually makes plants happy. So why is Al Gore so mean to plants? Profit from selling carbon credits. Yucky.

I really did spend a lot of time trying to figure out how carbon dioxide makes the world warmer, and all  I found out was how they are trying to fool us.

Back to Trump and the EPA, the EPA needs to concentrate on bad stuff again. Not stuff that makes trees green.


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