Whispers In The Boardroom

What a place the boardroom in Trump Tower must be. The best and the brightest are summoned to speak, winners all are allowed to give their views. Donald J Trump listening to their views. What makes this boardroom extraordinary, is the outcome is not predetermined. There is no doctrine to be followed, no bias to be played, no favour to be repaid. What I must believe is an open mind listening to the very best making their best arguments.

There must be whispering in the boardroom, this is history being made. Great history, history unencumbered by partisanship and favour. I wouldn’t pretend to know what is being said. Or even to be able to claim to understand what all the words mean.

The TV cameras document who comes and goes, and it seems to be quite a wide range of people. Commentators comment on the meaning, but they don’t really know. They bring their own bias with them. What goes on in the boardroom? The future is being made.

Reminds me of Nero Wolfe, sitting in his yellow leather chair summoning all those that he needs to solve the puzzle. The right choice is always made.

The greatest of the greats arrive. There must be whispering, this is history in the making.


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