Black Gold

The world runs on oil. It’s a fact. As much as people like the green alternative, it is oil that gives us our lifestyle. Even though I don’t believe in the carbon game, I play it. I go to work in a car powered by electrons, generated by the wind. My super insulated home can be heated with a candle. It’s just a game, my life would not be what it is, without oil.

Oil is the slavery of our society. It is the muscle power that gives us freedom. So we darn well ought to respect the oil. Slavery is not always a good thing, sometimes it can control us. During the Civil War over 600,000 American soldiers died. The death toll from oil is not as great, but it is substantial. Yes there is a death toll to oil.

One thing about the Civil War, it gave freedom to over three million slaves. We are not ready to give up on oil, so we will continue to pay. I am open to debate on the benefits of freedom from oil, sometime in the future. My personal goal, a breath of fresh air.


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