The False God

The False God of fascism still has many adherents. Witnesses the regimes of singularity and their failings. Sure there have been bursts of greatness, inevitably they end in bitter failure. Beware when the government promises to be all things, and asks to deny the rights of its citizens.

Fortunately we have a choice of parties in this country. Unfortunately one of the parties, though there may have been a slight possibility that both parties, thought that they should be the only party. Unfortunately this is wrong. There are many single party countries in the world. Compare the single party countries of the world to the multi party countries of the world.

When a political party claims they, and only they, are are the capable leaders. Beware! So we are in a situation where one of the two parties is in the process of imploding. It’s the advocating of the suspension of democracy that is troubling. These ends never justify the means.

Our media it seems would prefer a single party system. Of course such a system would benefit them with the elimination of competition. The question really is would it benefit the rest of us? The media gives us examples of how a single party system is better, more jobs and better health care. Really? A simple comparison would show quite the opposite.

When watching the media, beware the False God of Fascism. Whether we have a rebirth, or the rise of a new party, that is to be determined in another year.

The God fearing folks of flyover country have seen the danger, so they have given us a New York Liberal. Amazingly, New York Liberals everywhere are outraged, and have labeled their own as Fascist.

The Gods Must Be Crazy


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