New Zealand Perplexion

I am perplexed by the UN resolution introduced by New Zealand and others as a gift to Israel for Hanukkah. The resolution appears to be a legal bias for the final solution. I can understand the Arab support for the resolution, for it is what they most desire. But New Zealand? I did not realize that New Zealand is an Arab state.

Netanyahu blames Obama for the resolution. Of course we cannot trust the media to tell us the real story. So I searched for some of the text to the resolution. Apparently the resolution condemns all settlement activity in lands claimed by the Palestine State. Israel says some of these lands were never occupied by Palestinian. In my view all of Israel is pretty much a settlement.

Not that I know much about Islam, but Mohammed was a warrior. He did not like Jews. Neither did Hitler. The thought just gives me shivers just thinking about it.

Apparently Palestine convinced the UN to outlaw Israel, and we are OK with it. I can see why people are upset.


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