The Inauguration Of Donald J Trump

My life is good. When I go to work I go from my kitchen directly to an insulated garage. I then get in my car and push a button and the garage door opens. I open and close that door a lot. Well I opened and closed the door so many times that it broke the spring . So today I went to Home Depot to get new springs for the door.

The Trump campaign county chair and her husband were there shopping at Home Depot too. She asked if I wanted to go to the inaugural. I replied that I hadn’t thought much about it, time and money you know. But I do think it will be an Historic event.  She said there will be thousands of protesters, and Donald would like to have the county chairs and other volunteers there. Also she said it would be a couple hundred bucks. I asked if I could go via Amtrak, she said the Vermonter would take me 1500 feet from the destination. So I said I would consider it, and talk it over with my wife. Of course I think Trump will be great, so she has my wheels turning whilst I think about it.

So I returned home and resumed my chores. The good news is that I have fixed the garage door. When I go to work tomorrow morning, I can get in my car without going outside in the dark cold windy morning. Then I can push a button and the garage door will open. Not everybody can do that. Life is good.


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