Conversation Street

I enjoy the Amazon Prime show Grand Tour. It is basically a rehash of the old BBC show Top Gear. The difference between the shows, besides TG reversing into GT is the method of media delivery, and the lack of commercials.

The show is about three old guys talking about the differences in cars, roads, types of transportation, culture etc. Most of the time it comes down to which car is fastest. Then there is some sort of race or test. Oh,, they are also not afraid to talk about politics.

Even though the Grand Tour is about talking about cars, there is a segment called conversation street. That’s talking about current events that effect cars. Or would that be talking about talking about cars. Anyway it’s pretty humorous, as it gets pretty far flung.

So what’s this got to do with politics, nothing. Most folks don’t talk about politics. They are still recovering from the election. So how about planes trains and automobiles.


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