The First Amendment

I saw a montage where people said that they voted for Trump because of the second amendment. That of course is a perfectly valid reason. Myself, it was more about the first amendment.

Let me clarify what I mean when I say I voted for the first amendment. We were in danger of losing our freedom of speech. Interestingly the danger was not from the government. The danger was, and still is, from the media and entertainment industries.

Multiple media outlets advocated, and still advocate violence against Trump Supporters. These same outlets campaign against false news, when they themselves propagate false news. I write this because I have long not believed in the media. So now the media lies about me, and when that doesn’t work. Outlets like NPR and CNN promote violence.

Of course the media promoted and even colluded to promote someone who would have been one with them. Dark nights and long knives would be valid weapons for what they consider a just cause. Problem is, it was all just self serving lies. Now I am very hopeful that individual dissension to the self serving lies of mass media will not be punished.

The First Amendment to the Constitution  included the protection of the press. Surprisingly, the possibility that the government could be hijacked by the press was never considered. Fortunately, this time it wasn’t.


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