Bernie’s Coup Is Tomorrows Challenge

A masterful stroke by Bernie yesterday. Seems a brilliant young staffer, who is destined to define American political agenda for the next fifty years, made a suggestion. It was an idea that had Bernie feel the Bern. The young staffer suggested that Bernie should retweet Trump in a larger than life fashion. It would be payback time. Bernie has finally dumped his affiliation with the most petulant and putrid party and climbed aboard the Trump train. Mind you that it will only be for a few stops, the young staffer has a grander plan. Onwards to the Great Socialist Party. First it must be adios to the corpulent and massively corrupt party of the elite ruling class. It is pretty obvious as we watch the party of the jackass collapse into the stench that occupies the lower strata of the great dismal, that it must be time for all to depart. Conveniently the Trump train has a full head of steam, and is taking on passengers for those who are willing to ride.

Today Bernie may be a party of one riding alone on the Trump train. But he will not be alone for long. When he departs the Trump train he will be at his home station. The crowds will be there again. But now it will be his party. He will be at the Great Bern Station, home of American Socialism.

There were certain similarities between the Sanders and Trump campaigns. So I cannot blame Bernie for climbing aboard. I do look forward to the coming debate of capitalism versus socialism. It seems to have been missing from the election. As a firm believer in a two party system I look for a worthy opponent to Trump. For competition does improve the results.


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