For The Love Of A Wall

Al Jazeera, the television network that enriched Al Gore, was intellectually a most interesting network. It represented the elite Arab point of view. At least until its demise at the hands of ISIS. A keystone of programming during the short life of Al Jazeera was a non flattering series on the crisis on our southern border. Being a northerner I do not have much of an opinion on the southern border. However, according to Al Jazeera the border is a chaotic place. I am willing to accept their point of view on this.

My father was a big believer in walls, especially the stone variety. Stone walls are quite common around here. He was constantly trying to get me, and others,  to build walls. I tried to negotiate a tractor for a wall. He just wanted me to build it for free though. He would say that I didn’t need a tractor, just use my hands to pick up the stones and carry them to the wall just like the old timers did. That is what he would say. I never did build him a wall.

I did build him some gates though, for what is a gate without a wall? To build a gate you need a wall. Donald Trump was quite specific. He was going to build a big beautiful gate along with his wall. With all the chaos and confusion, along with the corruption at the border, I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Unfortunately Trump’s adversaries, both Democrat and Republican,  are quite myopic. All they could see was the wall. Even worse, the Democrats, along with the media,  who seem to have used racism as a cornerstone, have declared the wall, as well as all those that support the wall as racist. This could not be further from the truth.

One of the things that made America great was Ellis Island. Ellis Island was a great gate. The ocean was the wall. Another gate was Plymouth Rock. One thing all great gates have in common is record keeping. The children of those that passed through those gates of history know from whence they came. Passing through those gates is a big moment in a families history.

So with Trump’s wall comes a gate. With a gate comes trade and immigration. Sure both are happening now, but by all accounts it is chaotic. So far, I have heard no one mention the gate. No person or media. For all of us, that is myopically sad.


2 thoughts on “For The Love Of A Wall

  1. Ay Bubba! You’ve Just seconded what I’ve been promoting for years. The Ellis Island approach makes perfect sense. Refugees from all over got checked out and dropped into New York where they formed ethnic communities but very quickly assimilated our values. They still enjoy St Patrick’s Day and Columbus Day, and we all have welcomed China Towns; and nobody was more patriotic than the Italian Mafia defending New York harbor from German u-boats. Sadly more recent spanish speaking arrivals have largely been forced to arrive illegally so they have evolved a separate culture. For two or three generations our Immigration Service has seen their job as to make legal entry as slow and hard as possible.


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