The Tweety Pie Revolution

What’s yellow, succeeds against adversity, and tweets? Tweety Pie! Or otherwise known as Tweety Bird. For the trivially inclined, Tweety Pie will be seventy this year. Tweety always seemed to have the last word.

Not that I pay a lot of attention to tweets, I let the media sort them for me. However I will opine. Tweeting is an unfiltered instant message. Love it or loathe it, it is a revolutionary change in communication. Tweeting allows a huge reduction of total cycle time getting a message out. That’s an increase in efficiency of governance. Also it allows a message to be undiluted, and unspun. More importantly it allows the messages to be independently interpreted by the readers. No need to be told what someone thinks of the messages. In reality every time a message is relayed, the meaning changes. Tweeting is fast, direct, short and sweet.

Love him or loathe him Tweeting Don is revolutionary. I am pleased to hear about about his interest in the auto industry with a focus on jobs. Yes there are other things I am looking forward to, but he hasn’t started yet. Jobs though are a high priority, and that’s important.


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