It Is A Real Thing

Cyber warfare is a real thing. I wasn’t going to comment on the latest kerfuffle as it is just a minor scuffle in a much larger battle. Truly there was no new information. Although it may be none of my business, I wonder if anyone hacked Hillary’s server. If the Russians had hacked the server and gave the contents to Trump, that would truly be newsworthy. I do recall that Guccifer had called the contents of Hillary’s server “A delightful garden”. Did he gain access? Unanswered. Also the known hacking occurred before Putin declared he would participate in our election.

That being said, we really do need to pay attention to cyber security. Something the Democrats failed to do. The known attacks on them were simple, and successful. It really could have been anybody. The recent high profile inquiry to a simple phishing spoof is a contemptible denial of responsibility.

Speaking of a contemptible denial of responsibility. What is acting, if it is not mocking? I watched the most beautiful of the beautiful people unilaterally mock us. We the people that make them beautiful. They deplore violence while at the same time endorse its use against those who don’t believe in their beauty.

It’s they, the self congratulatory beautiful people, who have made unbelievable money by mocking those beneath them, that are contemptible.


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