Something Better

“And I Will Replace It With Something Better” Hopefully this will be the biggest challenge of the Trump presidency. It’s something everyone will judge him on.  I for one have no clue what something better will be. So  I will speculate. First, what I think I know.

I have heard firsthand some horror stories about the Affordable Care Act. I also have a friend that is very happy that his adult children are covered under his employer’s insurance. For most people I know, either they work or they pay lots of money for insurance. The best insurance is had by union members. For the jobs I know insurance is reasonable for the workers, however for family members, it is expensive. Then there is government insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. I don’t know much about that.

When I have visited friends and family in the hospital, it seems that people with good insurance get lots of testing, some of it seems unnecessary. People with government insurance, well they seem ignored. Even if they are a Veteran. In reality, people with insurance also pay for the care of those who do not.

So what is better? A socialist utopia with a government sponsored single payer system funded by a massive increase in the capital gains tax. We could import a couple of Cuban doctors to run it.

Or maybe we could have a system run by the unions. They do have good coverage, and it would be funded by collective bargaining. Not sure how that would work for the unemployed.

Then there would the capitalist method. Walk into the hospital and it would be like McDonald’s, there would be a big sign with all the services offered, and the prices. Financing would be available.

So there are three choices I thought of. Fortunately there will be much smarter people than I working on it. Hopefully partisanship will not be part of it. I wasn’t happy with the Republicans constantly saying Obama Care wouldn’t work. Just once or twice would have been enough. I had hoped it might work, it would have made for more job opportunities. If it was going to fail, just let it fail.

Trump has his work cut out for himself on this one.


2 thoughts on “Something Better

  1. Bubba, so glad you decided to comment on Obamacare. I wonder how many people recognize that the poor and uninsured get health care anyway and that we all already pay fo it thru cost shifting? Also wonder how many realize that the 20 million the talking heads on TV talk about only represent 6% of the 320 million people in America. That’s only 1 in 16 so there’s plenty of base for the cost shift. Also, way too many people have way too generous insurance coverage that the UAW and NEA blackmailed employers to pay for. That means many, perhaps most, consumers don’t care how much their care costs because somebody else is paying for it.


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