Drop The Mike

I would like to congratulate President Obama on several important accomplishments that he achieved during his presidency.

First and probably the most important is the reduction in the price of oil. The price of oil effects everything. As President W Bush said, “We are addicted to oil”. Myself, I have a low carbon footprint and drive an electric car. That said the low price of oil effects my friends and family in a positive way. I think President Obama made a deal or two to ensure cheap oil. I think tar sands and fracking had an effect on the price of oil. Also a deal with Iran may have increased the supply oil. The biggest effect on the price of oil was the creation of the Islamic State. Shortly after the fall of Mosul, and it’s oilfields to the Islamic State. The price of crude halved.

Secondly, I would like to thank him for revitalizing the firearm industry. The local economy depends on firearm manufacturing. Maybe it was Fast and Furious selling guns to the cartels and criminals that caused gun sales to soar. More likely it was civilians buying guns to defend themselves against criminals and cartels. Personally I am not involved with the gun industry, but friends and family are.

Finally I would like to congratulate President Barack Obama on his amazingly positive coverage by a enthralled press and media. I have heard many people say he is the “Coolest President Ever!”. Very little mention of policy or results, just he is cool. The mainstream press is almost universal in it’s praises. Then the entertainment industry is positively fawning in its praises. It’s a great American tradition to question it’s leaders, Obama has managed to get a pass on that. I have heard nobody say “It’s Obama’s Fault”. For that I wholeheartedly congratulate him on leading a great country.

For this is America. Time to peacefully turn the page.


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