The Great Sit Down Strike

In a homage to the power of unionism the Democrats staged a sit down strike during President Trump’s first address to Congress. Back in 1936 the UAW staged a sit down strike against General Motors. After 44 days the strike was over and the auto industry was soon to be fully unionized. Now days sit ins are of short duration over petty grievances.

During the address to Congress President Trump used words that could have come out of President Obama’s mouth. The Democrats sat in stony silence. I didn’t expect enthusiastic applause, but some political clapping would have been appropriate. When President Trump leans to the left you would think there would be at least a slight attempt at positive reinforcement. To be fair the Democrats did stand and applaud several times. It was rare enough that I was surprised when they did.

Personally I thought the speech was brilliant, many others also thought it was. So I was quite disappointed when the entirety of the New Hampshire delegation had only nasty things to say. As the Obama presidency progressed, I was still able to say nice things at the end. You would not have found a ringing endorsement, but I would have been polite. To be so disrespectful at the beginning?

It was noticed that the Democrats had shown up in white. At first I thought it was some sort of religious order, or Arab fraternity. Then a few people suggested that they had simply forgot their hoods. Another unfavorable homage to the roots of the Democrat party.

Finally I watched a portion of the Democrat rebuttal by Kentucky Governor. I could not watch the whole thing. I had to wonder if the governor had watched the speech. He started out with some rambling comments, then he switched to the Democrat party talking points. Talking points are so Clintonion. As we have moved past the Clintons, we should move past the talking points. They don’t work. I do not care how many times they call me a racist, I am not one.

Some people say that Donald Trump does not say nice things, and that is why they don’t like him. Honestly I can’t ever recall Donald Trump saying something bad about American Voters. Remember Donald never had the media and talking points to say nasty things for him. Many of his supporters like his boldness, for they, like myself are quiet and shy.

At the beginning of the speech I fully expected to fall asleep, it was late, and I was tired. I was surprised to find myself invigorated at the end. It was that good.


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