Trump Tweeting Explained

I have had some reasonable and intelligent people tell me that they don’t understand the logic behind the tweets of President Donald Trump. I am no expert, but I do have my theories.

First, a tweet has no official meaning. It is not a proclamation or an indictment, it is simply a spontaneous thought. Of course a spontaneous thought from the president does carry meaning, and people will react. My thoughts are that is a good thing.

Not long ago, the random thoughts of the president would be leaked to the press, and published as some sort of propaganda. Folks would write letters to the editor or call their congressman. Results would be tabulated, and returned for the presidents amusement. Tweeting definitely reduces the feedback time for random thoughts. Things will happen faster.

I don’t follow tweets, or tweet. I consider it a waste of time. Typically people in the media tweet, and more often than not it is sophomoric in style. Official communications are much more polished. I think President Trump intends his tweets to be thought provoking and designed to encourage discussion.

Most people completely misunderstand the tweets. This misunderstanding is compounded by false news of the mainstream media. The only time I hear a tweet is when it is retransmitted by the mainstream media. Of course they try and tell me what the president ment by the tweet. Thankfully they included the original tweet. So I now have access to the particular random thought that they find important.

The president has a sense of humor. Let’s take tweet about taking the oil from Iraq. “Send in the troops and take the oil”. Honestly I don’t remember if it was a tweet or a campaign speech, but anyway. My very first thought was, isn’t that what President Obama is doing when he buys oil from ISIS? Then there was, “Kill the families of the terrorists”. Wasn’t that what President Obama was doing with his drone strikes? Profound statements about the current state of affairs.

The most famous, so far, has been. “An Immediate Temporary Ban on Muslim immigrants until our experts can figure out what is going on”. This was a simple and brilliant response to hearing out on the campaign trail why are Muslim terrorists trying to kill us. Candidate Trump, who gets along just fine with many Muslims is surprised to hear about the fears. So he calls for a pause, and also calls for experts to opine. He may not believe the ban is going to work, but he will be perceived as doing something about the problem. More importantly by asking for experts he has acknowledged that it is a problem. Any other politically correct candidate would have just brushed aside those fears.

For a revolutionary candidate, and president. Tweeting is a new revolutionary method of communication. Indeed it is informal, and thought provoking. You are most definitely allowed to disagree, or agree, and more importantly to respond. Like a good chef, the president may just be stirring the pot.

Even though I do not follow the presidents tweets, I enjoy people’s reactions to them. For some of them are profound, some of them are silly, some of them are revealing. More importantly, I find some of them to be hysterically funny.



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