Fast And Furious II

Well the political news news these days is fast and furious. I am not really surprised. Events during a revolution are typically fast and furious.

If Donald J Trump was a drinker, he would probably have a few choice words after a few drinks. Since he doesn’t drink, he tweets. Probably not much different between the two content wise. The real difference is the instantaneous transmittal of the thought.

It would’ve been fascinating to hear what Winston Churchill would have said after a couple glasses of brandy.

Today we have a new healthcare proposal, a refugee plan, a massive Wiki Leaks dump on the CIA. This is truly a staggering amount of political change. So I gave Chris Matthews a chance to comment (Evidently I don’t follow my own advice). With all the real news, Chris obsessed on President Trump’s tweets. Chris is my favorite liberal commentator, with all that is going on he still suggests, with rather slim evidence that Russia put Donald Trump into the presidency.

I figure that if I work, I can have health insurance. It is something that effects most everyone. I would think that that would be the big story.

There are the Trump haters that know that I am a Trump supporter. They still say hateful things to me. I simply reply that “Trump is awesome!”. I still believe it.


One thought on “Fast And Furious II

  1. I continue to believe Trump has the motivation and philosophy to reduce the federal bureaucracy and to return more power to the states. Iwonder if his tweets are working against this.


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