Bloody Trumpkins

Those bloody Trumpkins are always causing trouble. They have mucked up a sane and sound political process. Those racist, hateful and even fascist, Trumpkins are just a bunch of deplorables, uninterested in sane political dialog.

He only problem with the above statement is that when I watch the news, is the bloody Trumpkins. It is only the people that support President Trump that are bloodied. Attacked at their own events by unknown assailants. It has become quite routine to see Trump supporters bloodied. The liberal press, and media celebrates the resistance. A resistance that attacks individual liberty of the small segment of the population that supports the president.

Yes it is a revolution, a war of words. Unable to accept any views other than their own, the Democrats have turned to hate, it the first word they use. That hate has turned into bloodshed. I find the most amazing thing is, there is no reciprocation. President Trump himself has said that the Democrats are entitled to their point of view. While the president may not display a Gandhi sense of passive resistance, his supporters do. Finding a bloodied liberal is a very hard thing to do.

The restraint of the Trumpkins is a amazing thing. Proud to be one.


2 thoughts on “Bloody Trumpkins

  1. My grand daughter worked very hard and borrowed a lot of money to go to Middlebury about ten years ago. I think she got a decent education although she has not yet taken it on to grad school. I dp not understand how that campus has become so infected with with Politically Correctness and Trump Hate as to have committed the recent riot.


  2. To be honest I didn’t do well in school. I questioned the assumptions presented. Notably I did not question authority. To do well in school you repeat what you’re told. If you’re told that a teachers tenure is an important part of your education. That’s what you believe if you want to graduate. Whenever the teachers wanted more, they would count something that people needed, things like heat or basketballs. The schools that I went to in a well to do neighborhood were in a constant state of austerity. Tenure was never questioned.


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