Bubba’s History Of Politics

My first political memory was the death of JFK. At a tender young age I was actually quite distraught that our country had no leader. I was quite relieved to find out that we had a vice president that could take the place of the president.

LBJ brought us the Vietnam War and anti-war protest. I was unaware at the time of the great society social programs. There also some talk about how J. Edgar Hoover ran the government.

Nixon brought ping pong diplomacy with China, probably the most dramatic presidential action in my lifetime. He also extracted us from Vietnam. Unfortunately Watergate and a sixteen minute gap ended his career.

Gerald Ford, the accidental president came up with the acronym WIN, for whip inflation now. Life was actually not to bad under Ford.

I actually voted for the Nuclear Physicist and Peanut Farmer. What could be better? Inflation increased and I couldn’t find a job. Additionally there were many protests against nuclear power. So I ate lots of peanuts.

I was somewhat dismayed when an actor become president. Surprisingly I got a job and bought a new truck. It was the beginning of the best times in my life.

I shook the hand of President Bush, I thought he was a fine diplomat, and did an amazing job in the first gulf war. Unfortunately after saying read my lips he negotiated with the Democrats and raised taxes. I believe that would be the last time the two political parties would negotiate.

Bill Clinton won with “It’s the economy stupid” wIth the emphasis on stupid. Politics was now a sport of browbeating.

Unsurprisingly the public retreated from the politics of personal destruction and embraced another Bush. In a surprising and most likely last agreement between the two parties, they agreed that Saddam had the bomb. It was a ruse and plan to put another Clinton into the presidency.

Obama successfully played the hope and change card while coopting the Clinton agenda and methods. His unorthodox methods probably destroyed the party.

Now with a choice of another Bush or Clinton, the public played the Trump card.


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