Kim Jong-un

I would expect that Kim Jong-un will not make it through the year. His murderous actions are becoming more and more bazaar. He has taken his murderous actions outside the country when he killed his half brother. In addition he is threatening other nations, including ours with nuclear annihilation.

It will be over before we even know that it started. An amazingly short and successful war it will be. The duration will be measured in double digit hours. Of course after we break North Korea, we will own it. We will have to feed the starving masses. Then bring them up to a reasonable state of civilization.

The North Koreans will be eternally grateful for the food, the freedom they will find confusing. In gratitude they will erect the largest statue in the world. It will be of our own dear leader. It is what they do. They make big grand statuary. It will be big league beautiful. Everyone will be happy.


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