The Guccifer Connection

An unemployed Romanian cab driver has shaped American political history. Marcel Lazar Level would guess email passwords of prominent people. He hacked into Sidney Blumenthal and exposed Hillary’s private email server. This became a a major talking point for Republicans, myself included. He also hacked local Romanian officials. For that he went to jail in January 2014. In September of 2016 he was sentenced to 52 months in this country. Yes, the Romanians gave him to us. Yes we had on of the most significant hackers in U.S. politics in custody. We then gave him back?

The story was he was just a front for Guccifer 2.0 the Russian connection. I remain unconvinced. Romanian bureaucrats being bureaucrats forwarded the found information up the ladder, and ultimately to Russia. Who then crafted Guccifer 2.0 to carry on with the hacking initiated by the real and original Guccifer.

Information publicly released was limited and damming. I have wondered what other systems were infiltrated by the professionals.


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