Hosting The Petard

The de facto head of the Democrat party is Barack Obama. He is off on vacation at some private island. Nice that he is out of the picture. Last week President Trump claimed President Obama had “wiretapped” Trump Tower in the two weeks before the election. The press was outraged.

January 13th it was revealed that President Obama had “vastly expanded surveillance and sharing of personal information”. It was said that this was done to find the Russian connection to the Trump campaign.

I am sure President Trump has his enemies, both in and outside the intelligence community. However he also has his friends. I would not be surprised if there was not just communications preserved of the president elect, but of the president himself.

Could be that President Obama is hosting his own petard?


2 thoughts on “Hosting The Petard

  1. The entertainment media reports that President Obama is staying for a month at Marlon Brando’s resort island in Tahiti. I would presume he is writing his sixty million dollar book. I am seeing today that there was data collection of the Trump team before the election. So there is a good probability of massive raw surveillance data of Team Trump. Being secret data, there “should” be a record of all those who have viewed or accessed the data.


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