Congratulations to the Partisans

I would like to congratulate partisans of the left and of the right. For all the partisans of the left, congratulations the Affordable Health Care Act still remains. Your worries that President Trump would bring wreck and ruin have been unfounded. For the partisans of the right, the Freedom Caucus, I congratulate you for your success in standing up to the nefarious dealings of the irascible President Trump.

I however am saddened, I was hoping the deal maker would do the deal. I truly thought that President Trump would make an offer that could not be refused. It appears nobody likes a moderate.

Where I live used to be called precision valley. Fifty years ago the best machine tools in the world were made in this valley. Today I listened to two separate stories on how the people that worked in the local shops made really good money. The shops were unionized, and even though the people were happy with the money they were making, the unions, wanting more would go on strike. Eventually all the big shops shut down. Closed, no more good jobs. I then added my own third story, the strike at Joy Manufacturing. At what would have been a hundred dollars an hour in today’s money, they went on strike. Those were the days.

So once again, let me congratulate the partisans in their victory. You are correct, I am the loser.


One thought on “Congratulations to the Partisans

  1. Yes Bubba, those were the days. I remember the constant tingling of the bearings moving along the conveyors. Also remember the Union’s greed that drove them away. Moderation in all things,


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