Cambridge Anialytica

Interesting company Cambridge Anialytica. The New Yorker magazine says it is a private hedge fund with eighty percent returns. The Cambridge Anialytica website says they are a data management company. I would think that they handle really big data. The principle shareholder is Bob Mercer, a data nerd. A man that has recently become interested in politics.

A relative newcomer to politics Cambridge Anialytica has been reported to be inexperienced and ineffective. However Steve Bannon and Kelly Conway are reported to be former associates of the company. So there is a certain linkage to the Trump presidency and the big data company.

I am not opposed to big data, it is needed to make wise decisions. Unfortunately big data has a tendency to be politicised. Data is created to support political points of view. So I am somewhat hopeful that this company doesn’t have a political agenda. At least not in the traditional sense.

The partisan naysayers will have nothing nice to say, but they never do. At this point their words mean nothing. Just mindless drivel, polluting people’s minds. Spewing hatred and destruction like a cancer on society.

Good statics are hard to find, most are created to advance a certain point of view. After seeing many Robins in the spring I asked Google how many Robins are in my state. Google replied that the Robin is not an endangered species, so nobody bothers to count them. Politics is about keeping people safe, while allowing the pursuit of life liberty and happiness. Statistics can be used to benchmark success. Politics these days is typically composed of compelling story, a data set of one. A story designed to pull the heartstrings, and enable a new self serving bureaucracy. It is a story where the Robins are ignored. The Karner blue butterfly is studied because of its rarity, in the hopes that it will delay an infrastructure project? All sorts of information about the butterfly in the state website, and none about the Robin.

So when it comes to statistics about jobs, income, insurance, do we really think we are getting unbiased information? Statistics about taxes, unions, healthcare? Yea Right.

So am I trying to make a point? Not really, just an observation. Come to think of it, it is not an observation of the mainstream media. If I think politics disappoints me, it is nothing compared to my disappointment in Wolf Blitzer and Chris Matthews. Even Fox misses the point.


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