Men In Black

Watched some protests from around the world this week. In a country with a very popular president, people were protesting corruption. Men in black showed up, dispersed the crowd and hauled some people away. In a different country, with a very unpopular president, people were protesting in support of the president. Men in black showed up and tried to disperse the crowd.

Two very different circumstances, with a similar conclusion. Fortunately in the second case, the men in black were unable to haul people away. I would like to say a few words about the second group of men in black. It would be unfair to compare them with the first group, for the first group is sanctioned by the government with the popular president. You may agree or disagree with the actions of the men in black, of either nation. However their actions and intentions are the same.

Our men in black like to be known as “The Resistance”. This is because the resistance fought the Nazis that occupied Vichy France. Unoccupied territory of Vichy France was known as the “Free Zone”. The men in black, here, fancy themselves as liberators. I disagree, they are a symptom of something much deeper, and much darker.

In reality they are operatives of the Democrat party. The government workforce is almost entirely compromised of Democrats. They believed that this past election was to be the election to end the pesky Republicans. It is true that at times the Republicans can be pesky, but I believe that a balance is needed. A Ying and Yang if you like. The Republicans represent all those that are not in the oppressive governments employ (I exaggerate only slightly). Severely disappointed at the outcome of the election the Democrat oppressors have become a party in decline, and at the verge of collapse. Unable to do anything but unsuccessfully propagate hate and lies, they now resort to outright oppression.

Amazingly, as I finish this little observation, I read that the newest DNC chair Tom Perez has asked his entire staff for resignation letters. Hopefully they reinvent themselves without the men in black. I wonder if they would want to hire a Bubba that wants to make America great?


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