The Grand Bargain

President G. W. Bush famously would not talk, let alone negotiate with North Korea, Iran and Cuba. He called the three nations the Axis of Evil. President Barack Obama was elected in part because he promised to talk with and negotiate with these nations.

Back in 2011 Speaker of the House John Boehner and President Obama negotiated a multi trillion Grand Bargain. It encompassed spending cuts and tax increases. Supposedly the two men shook on it. Somehow when they went to put it on paper the whole thing fell apart. Since then the national debt has increased exponentially.

Currently the Democrats do not acknowledge, let alone talk with the Trump administration. Negotiations between the two parties seem a distant dream. Seems like like the Democrats have taken up an ideology attributed to G. W. Bush. They have renounced negotiations and now refuse to even talk.

I had hoped that there would some opportunities for negotiations with the deal making President Trump. The country needs something like the Grand Bargain. Unfortunately the election has induced a extended case of catatonia of the Democrat Party.


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