Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Well this is interesting, I like Attorney General Jeff Sessions. I watched a bit of his confirmation hearings and was impressed. An early supporter of Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions is absolutely despised by the Left. So I was surprised, as many others were when the president turned his bombastic attacks on the Attorney General. So do you think the president is doing this to please the Left? I have a bridge to sell you.

Of course the answer is simple, it is the responsibility of the Justice Department to police what could be called the deep state. Jeff Sessions is doing an admirable job policing things like MS13. He is doing a great job in the traditional sense. The revelation is President Trump views “Fake News” as a crime. In actuality I have to agree with him.

Of course I don’t believe President Trump will fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions. However how does the Justice Department determine the difference between freedom of speech and criminally fake news. I suspect that we will see a more active pursuit of government leakers. We have had fake news for many years, it is nice to see the president take it on. Will he be successful? The voters will tell.


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