Bitcoin & Tesla

Late last week when I thought of this story, a Bitcoin was worth about $8000. A number that was similar to the cash burn of  Tesla every minute. It’s estimated that at the current rate of cash burn, Tesla will run out of money in August. Of course Tesla plans to have their new production line that produces the Model 3 running full production by then. If (small word with big meaning) the new production line runs at full capacity it would easily make those kinds of numbers in profits.

At the beginning of this year a Bitcoin was worth about a Thousand dollars. It’s been theorized that the Royal Saudi Shakedown has caused the dramatic run-up in the value of the crypto currency this year. Billions? What Billions?

I just thought it was interesting that Tesla was going through a Bitcoin a minute. In my mind an interesting measure of potential values. This past weekend of course changed that. Every single Bitcoin was now worth an additional $1000! So in a relative way the cash burn of Tesla has dramatically dropped. Success is assured.

Alternatively of course I could argue that the “Trump Bump” has lifted stocks worldwide. So why then wouldn’t the Trump Bump have also lifted Bitcoin? Cheers to continuing success.


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