Sweet Sweet Music

A hundred years ago there was a genre of music known as “Sweet Music”. Sweet Music was preceded by Ragtime, and followed with Swing. Influenced by Jazz these were distinctly American forms of music. The most notable thing about Sweet Music was it was the first recorded music. It is because of this revolutionary technology that I define Sweet Music as sweet. As technology has progressed in the last hundred years our lives have changed. Those more versed in musical history may correct me, but this is the way I understand the beginnings of recorded music. Recorded music, just one element of the roaring 20’s.

As I manipulate photons for better living, electrons sing in my ears. My life is a simple one. Because I discovered Sweet Music infused with modern synthetics, music has made my ears rejoice, and my soul happy. No longer do we non musical types have to journey to enjoy music. Pandora and ear buds. What a boon to mankind.

Not to get off topic, but back to the topic of this blog. Sweet Music is apolitical. Politics doesn’t belong in music. Unless of course you live in North Korea. Sure there is patriotic music, and protest music. However a soon as music goes political, it looses it emotion. That is why we listen to music. For the emotions.

Now for the punch line. You Can’t Always Get What You Want. A song played at Trump rallies and events. You get what you need.


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