The Happiest People On Earth

Because I am so tired of our media bias, I have taken up watching RT for news. It has been very interesting. They play both sides of the isle with clear eyed analysis. Honestly, as far as I am concerned it is a welcome alternative.

For me North Korea is a fascinating place, I find horror in its beauty. The recent video of the defector crossing the line is a perfect example. The landscaping of the North compares favorably with the best of the presidents many golf courses. Then the quick reacting guards of the North promptly aerated the desperate defector.

He made it, but just barely. Turned out he was malnourished, sickly and infested with worms. The pretty, is it truly just a facade? So I was intrigued, well even entranced when RT had a documentary on life inside North Korea. It is only logical that RT would have better access than any American news organization.

It was quickly apparent that the only footage that was allowed was footage that followed in the footsteps of the Dear Leader little Kim. Following in his footsteps, everything was beautiful. Pretty rooms, pretty flowers, pretty people. Yes the buildings in the life of little Kim are beautiful, and the people around him are attentive and respectful. It is true every building he has visited has a room to commemorate the visit. Every footstep of the Dear Leader had been carefully recorded. Every article that he touched becomes enshrined in glass and celebrated with holy reverence. The documentarians carefully followed in the documented footsteps of the Dear Leader, it seems to be what people there do.

I sincerely doubt that the Dear Leader has trod the entirety of his state, we can only guess what life is like in the places where little Kim has not left his esteemed footprints. Reality of that life is unrecorded. Do we think that it is filled with the “Happiest People on Earth”? Yes, that is the facade portrayed. The title of the RT documentary was indeed “The Happiest People on Earth”, and the people shown were indeed happy. They were especially happy that their dear leader would soon be able to put his finger on a button and bring nuclear annihilation to their great enemy America.

Since the recent shouting match between rocket man and our leader, lithtle Kim has not exploded any bombs, or launched any missiles. Time will tell.

Of course the defector may have been a simple horticulturalist. Motivated by a simple desire to bring horticultural beauty to the South.


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