Leader of The World

President Trump was introduced as “Leader of the world” at the APEC economic summit in Vietnam. President Trump is quite popular overseas. A fact that even my myopic local news admitted this morning. American presidents have been previously addressed as “Leader of the free world”, however to be called “Leader of the world” is quite an achievement. It’s also quite the concession from the Communists.

So is it simple flattery? Or an expression of sincere respect. Naturally I believe that we have entered into a new era. An era of mutual respect and admiration among nations. Less than a year in and we have one small step for President Trump, and one large leap for mankind. Really.

When I was young I had two heroes. The first was Jackie Stuart, the race car driver. The second was Neil Armstrong the astronaut. It was rare for a race car driver to survive the sixties. Amazingly Jackie Stuart is still on TV, driving Jaguars, and being paid by Heineken to preach sobriety.  Such an amazing hero! Yes, I still wink at the moon.

Today I have two heroes, President Trump and Elon Musk. Both have their many detractors. Both want to change the world for the better. Both have had amazing success, and both have miles to go before they sleep.

To think, I actually shook the hand of one of my heroes.


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