Tragedy On a Pier

I watched some of the reactions and outcome of what was a terrible tragedy on a San Francisco pier. What I saw was the complete normalization of fascism. That is the normalization of politically self serving manipulating of the facts. I saw a defense lawyer say that the death of an innocent was a defense of immigration and a challenge to a unlawful president. Yes, it was a tragedy.

Liberalism is fascism normalized. It permeates our society, and makes the rules. Rules biased on racism and hate. Where did we go wrong? Years ago Newt Gingrich proposed a “Contract With America” it was quite popular at the time. I almost exclusively listened to NPR. Unsurprisingly NPR was concerned when Newt suggested cutting federal funding to NPR. His logic was Radio Moscow was a government supported broadcast that was fundamentally bad.

My personal thought was BBC is good so why not model NPR like the BBC? I was quite surprised when NPR went on a long personal attack on Newt Gingrich himself. Absolutely nothing they said had anything to do with funding.

At the time I did not understand that NPR may have had a liberal bias that Newt Gingrich disagreed with. What I heard was a resort to basic thuggery when when they disagreed with an alternative premise for funding.

Liberalism is so concerned with protecting itself that it appears to lost all sense of rationality. Equality has been replaced with ethnic identity. Work has been replaced with entitlement. Discourse has been replaced with protest. Liberalism is hiding behind the thuggish walls of fascism.

There is hope. The media has gleefully held up four faces of the Trump administration that have been ensnared in what can only be called a great entrapment scheme. Thank you Peter Strzok. My thoughts are with the so many people that have lost their jobs for exposed bias in political reporting. If it is a war of attrition, the Trumpkins are winning.

Yes the liberal walls of fascism are still standing. Let the Trumpets sound.



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