Big League Trump Regret

President Trump has given us a hint on what his biggest regret is. That would be the lack of bipartisanship on the hill. It would have ment so much to him if even just a couple of Democrats had voted in favor of his agenda at some point. He is after all a New Yorker, and they are all liberals. I would imagine it is like coming out as gay and having your family refuse to talk to you. The only reason Trump is a Republican, is because they would have him. They are rather inclusive like that.

So I thought that ain’t might run as a Democrat, just so I could vote for a couple of budget bills or something. It would mean so much to President Donald J Trump. So here is my proposed platform.

1. Term limits.

2. Universal health care, paid for with an increase in capital gains tax.

3. A big beautiful gate in Trump’s wall, that includes immigration reform.

4. Legalized marijuana, with taxes to provide for the opioid crisis.

5. Clean air and water. Cash for reducing emissions, paid by healthcare cost reductions.

6. Lower property taxes, if you mow your lawn and paint your house.

That all sounds pretty liberal. What do you think? Actually never mind, they would probably hurt me. Then I would have to pass out.


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