What? Moral Turpitude?

Who will save us from this troublesome turpitude? Let ye who is without sin throw the first stone. There are metaphors in there, pause. Contemporarily the bar of acceptable turpitude had been set by the Clintons. Until most recently.

I was stunned to see Garrison Keller let go for a pat on the back. Yet it was nothing more than a tactical pivot. I’m seeing credible evidence that there was collusion between the DNC, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and possibly the FBI, and even the highest levels of the Justice Department. Collusion to pay the Russians for dirt on the Trump’s. Any dirt, even if the dirt was false. The Russians were most happy to oblige. Yes turpitude. See Ohr.

Build the wall! Yes it is catchy, Candidate Trump was surprised at how well it was received. Many people interpret the meaning to suit their own mores, for myself it represents the rule of law, and plausibly a split rail fence. Others may prefer to dwell on hatred. Or sexism and the newfound passion for turpitude.

Simply, it is for the voters to decide. As much as I would like a clear and rational definition of turpitude, it won’t happen. Turpitude is defined by basis and misinformation. Morality?

Morality? Most horrific events can be defined by a lack of morality. In fact my stock answer to a horrific event is it happened because of a lack of morals. So can morality be legislated? Or is it a religious teaching? Could morality be a innate human trait? Or has it to be learned? Could the same be said for turpitude?

Such a shame, when there is real news. Credible evidence that we are disentangling ourselves from the mideast. Credible evidence that the opioid crisis has reversed. Then finally to the original bar set by the Clintons. It’s the economy st*pid.



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