My Mistake(s)

Like most people, I am not perfect. I make mistakes. Like most people, I try to learn from my mistakes. To do so, I first must acknowledge my mistakes. So if I had written something that was wrong, I will try and acknowledge and correct my mistake.

I had previously predicted that there would be no tax deal. I had thought partisanship and stubborn independence fueled with unfathomable corruption would scuttle any deal. I was wrong. Hopefully the new deal will accelerate growth and eventually reduce the deficit.

It also appears that I was wrong about Little Kim Jong Un. He is still alive. I had thought he would have crossed some socially defined line of acceptable international behavior. In actuality he has not lit off one of his nukes in a while. Is it possible that he has become a conformist? Once upon a time Ronald Reagan smartened up Muammar Gaddafi, and taught him a certain amount of international responsibility. It was all well and good for Gaddafi, until the last administration changed the rules of social responsibility.

If Little Kim has achieved international acceptance, he better hope that we do not vote in a socially progressive administration. Of course it may all be part of a larger plan. Now that the Russians have been found out, President Trump will need a new international advocate. Such is how I perceive the progressive point of view.

Speaking of the progressive point of view, it is possibly my biggest failing. I do not understand it. I had thought that Blue State ethos was simply a manifestation of self serving unionism that had corrupted the political process to ensure its prosperity. In my view the blatantly out of control system survived with creative verbiage to misinform the masses.

For a while I was willing to gleefully hurl even more creative verbiage in a return assault. Gradually I became to understand that their motivation was more than just creative verbiage. It was something that I did not understand, and unwilling too match. Having been a New Yorker I thought I understood the Liberal mindset, I was wrong. I now believe that I am incapable of understanding logic of Liberalism. Maybe that is why I moved away?

Despite my mistakes, it has not been a bad year for us all. The positives have outweighed the negatives. Cheers.


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