The Union Blockade

I am not talking about the civil war, am I? Though they did have railroads back then, and railways were a big part of that war. The actual historical blockade was a naval activity though. From what I understand a blockade is an act of war, as is a siege.

Last month just outside the city where the smartest people in the world work there was an accident. Three people died and over fifty people were injured. Seems the operator(s) of the train that derailed were going eighty miles an hour in a thirty mile an hour some. That is fifty miles an hour over the speed limit. This are the facts established by the media.

The first reports claimed that the train was going eighteen miles an hour and hit something. My how the story changed. From what I understand, if you drive a car at more than twenty miles per hour over the speed limit it is considered reckless driving and is a criminal offence.

If I was so unwise to drive fifty miles per hour over the limit and recklessly caused an accident that killed three people and injured many more. I would be in jail and my mug shot would be all over the news. My name would be known and cursed.

The only thing we know about the train operator(s) is he/she may have been distracted. There was also information released that said that they were not distracted by a cell phone.

It is painfully apparent that there will never be any negative information released about union members. No matter how blatant the crime. I have to conclude that this blockade of information is designed to thwart the law, and is used to cover up criminal activities.

I am left to wonder how common this activity is. In most cases there would be no way of knowing if a lack of information covered up a crime. I am also unaware of any time a union offered up any evidence wrongdoing by a union member(s). It may have happened, I am just unaware.

I am convinced that there is a union blockade of information on criminal activities by union members. I just don’t know how prevalent it is. As I have said before, unions control not just our public transportation systems and energy industries, but also our educational systems, our media and news outlets, and finally our government. Blockades are an act of war.


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