Before today I had not mentioned the following events to any soul. Today, because of some publicised current events I will tell the story of something that had a disturbing effect on me.

Just before sundown on February 21st, 1016 the following events took place. Inspired by Bernie Sanders I had embarked on a journey to look for America. It was just before the Vermont Primary and I had decided to take the Trump Truck to the Vermont state capital Montpellier to take a selfish. A simple and harmless thing. I had written about this earlier in this blog, when I also mentioned that someone tried to run me off the road.

As I used to listen to Vermont Public Radio I knew that they had urged their listeners to “leave their moral restraint behind” to demonstrate against Trump supporters. So I had come to expect the middle finger from assorted NPR liberals, I however considered myself to be morally superior by simply returning a thumbs up and a smile. Love you all.

So when in front of the State House I was not surprised to see a man in a van give me an angry look, he then spun around in his seat and grabbed something behind him. He then spun around again and aimed the thing at me, I was about to get shot. I nervously smiled and gave him the thumbs up. Fortunately it was a camera with a large telephoto lens. I think he wished he had more than that. Most people take a picture of the big Trump sign in the back of the Trump Truck, this was the first time that someone took a picture of the driver. Then on the other side of the road I see a man furiously texting away. These people did not look very friendly so I made for the highway. Within minutes a late model black Honda Accord sedan with four goons in it collectively gave me the finger and tried to run me off the road. I suspected the incidents were related.

Someplace there is a high resolution picture of a smiling me giving the thumbs up taken in front of the Vermont State House. So probably in an Antifa post office there is a picture of me down low on their most wanted list. I must wonder if they have a facial recognition system in case I wonder of the reservation. Then again there is recorded someplace a text written in the afternoon of February 21st, 2016 in Montpellier Vermont. It might even be in some sort of searchable database. Something that would be of interest to a congressional investigation. That same day four people in a black Honda Accord sedan did something wrong. One of them may talk.

They were effective at the time, I did not go back to Vermont in the Trump Truck, in fact I sharply curtailed my plans with it. I only speak now because there may be an investigation into anti Trump texting. I do believe there is a good chance of a massive anti Trump conspiracy, a conspiracy that for me started on the steps of the State House.

I use the hash tag because any threat of violence and coercion is wrong. Be your own judge.


One thought on “#METOO

  1. Hi Melania, I do not remember mentioning that it was a white van. Fortunately the man had a camera, not a gun. I smiled and gave the thumbs up when I presume he took my picture.
    I have some dear friends, that just happen to be liberal. They had warned me about being shot if I were to get involved in politics, in fact I was specifically warned about the Bernie boys. I disagreed with that assessment at the time. This is America, we don’t do such things I said at the time. I do not believe that they had any specific information. They were just psychically attuned to popular sentiment. I was surprised that they were so close to the truth.


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