Res Ipsa Loquitur

Untrusting of the media and our elected government, I, as millions of others, voted for a revolutionary. We voted well.

Let’s make up a sliding scale of revolutionaries, Che Guevara on one end and Mahatma Gandhi on the other end. Obviously one was successful and one wasn’t. However both were memorable and iconic. Now I propose that we place the most memorable American revolutionary, George Washington, smack in the middle. I haven’t labeled a left or a right, and that is intentional. The scale is really about the success of violence in revolution. I invite you to place your favorite revolutionary on the scale. I shall place our current revolutionary midway betwixt Washington and Gandhi. You’re welcome to your own opinions.

How did so many agree on one? We listened to his words. Yes, his words. Hundreds of millions do not believe the words of the media, and the parties. For their words are often hateful and filtered with self serving corruption. So if at all possible, listen with an open mind. Yes, our revolutionary has a tendency to repeat himself, so just a few hours of listening will provide a good understanding. Then you can go back to your business. Yes the big wheels turn slow, politics is a boring business.

Unhappily the Democrats have declared a war to the death of a party. Coexistence has no place in their ideology. It will be a battle settled in the voting both this November. So with that in mind everything is just posturing till then. Personally I am looking forward to the “October Surprises” I have already been guessing on some of them. What is briefly mentioned in the news today will become front page coverage in October.

What is cool, today, our revolutionary will try and broker a compromise. We will see what happens. I personally enjoy a two party system, it may or may not survive. I see too much evidence of violence on one side. Others see it too. That is what the revolution is about. My opinion is compromise, or be obliterated.

That is a Latin phrase on top, I won’t make you look up the translation.

“The Thing Speaks For Itself”


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