Oh The Humanity

Bleary eyed in the premorning darkness I start my day. As is my usual routine I turn on the local news. Just to see what is news in the state, and get my daily fill of Trump bashing. The media hates Trump.

Cash, Trump said cash when he talking to his lawyer. Well, I always did say follow the money. So there was this recording of what would normally be of a privileged conversation between a man and his lawyer. The lawyer said they would need money, and Trump asked Cash? Oh yes it was for a story about an affair, that could be why it is interesting.

Really, this is what makes news. Do they come up with these stupid stories just to make me question the rationale of our media. Hillary’s lawyers and associates all get immunity, whilst Trump’s lawyer and associates get Gestapo like raids. Oh yes, I already complained about that. So this is what they found?

So someone destroyed Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame, again. Yes it is about the violence, no news on that, at least not locally. Media, when it promotes Fascism is necessarily one sided.

Blogs like this are the resistance. A passive non violent resistance. Vote, that is all I have to say. Listen and vote. I do not advocate violence, or insults, or even disrespect, against any opposition, or their supporters, or their symbols.

Those who do are simply Fascists, goose stepping to their own demise. Unable to free themselves from Orwellian duplicity they must dwell within the agony of their defeat. Unable to listen, they cling to their hatreds.

Oh the humanity…



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