“Queen E”

Well might as well get used to go it. It’s going to be Queen Elizabeth in charge. Or more formally, President Warren. Take your pick, it will all be the same. Sure there are unplayed hands that will come out in this game of politics. Put down your money and take your chances. However in the long term tectonics are rather predictable. Prepare for geographic uprisings, such is the nature of tectonics.

So why Queen E? It’s the perfect trifecta. First is name recognition, knighted by President Trump as Pocahontas the pink hatted army of millions needs no other endorsement. Trump has delivered their messiah. Queen E will quickly acquiesce to her private army of mercenaries. Fake News will soon fall in with the new propaganda, it will be a wholesome union, fawning and adoring pleasantries will prevail. The deep state finally gives a sigh of relief, again they will have a manageable president. The rule of law will be officially over.

Fear not, there will still be palace intrigue to entertain our days. A few will ask how we can avoid repeating the Venezuelan model. They will be promptly impaled by the press as traitors to the cause, skewered and slow roasted for the viewers pleasure. Real News then, as it is now, will not be tolerated. Learn the fine art of supplication, it will serve its newfound practitioners well.

Do I jest? I think not. All I was looking for was open dialog, I could not find it. It is now my realization that the deep state is firmly entrenched in our society. When it comes to politics the rule of law is very loosely applied. Trump is the revolutionary in a corrupt system. It’s such a rare thing for a revolutionary to succeed, whether the system is corrupt or not. It is true that a corrupt system will eventually collapse, it is a matter of time. There will eventually be a end. So will the revolutionary Trump slay his newest opponent Queen E? I shall not predict. However if he does he would join the Pantheon of the greatest. Otherwise Queen E will get to write history. Her version of history will not be kind to the revolutionary Trump, and his followers.

As I have been reminded in the past, there can be no debate.


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