Life Is Good

As I sit here during a cold dark Martin Luther King holiday I will admit to being miffed. Martin Luther King said some very good things that I agree with, I will sum it up with my belief Dr King was an advocate for peaceful equality. My animosity with the holiday is that it replaced an old holiday in this state that welcomed in Spring. I have been told that the change in holidays was due to politics. It figures. I was always happy to celebrate the bright days of Spring.

I still celebrate the bright days of Spring in my own way. The little green shoots of fresh vegetation, the smell of the soil. The joy of mowing the lawn. Life is good. I don’t need a government sanctioned holiday. So to be mindful, I wonder what the Reverend King would think of today’s political world. I would like to think that the teachings of Reverend King were recently on display on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. In the face of aggressive racial hatred one boy stood his ground and smiled, at a multitude of hateful aggressors. I would like to think Dr King would be proud of the actions of the boy. However I am quite sure that Reverend King would be saddened, if not devastated by the actions of the aggressors on the very steps where he announced “I have a dream”.

I watched the video, at first I was confused by what the boy had done to be the recipient of so much hate. Then I was reminded that you cannot spell hate without hat. Yes, our fascist society cannot tolerate a red hat. It matters not who wears it. I am to simple engage in identity politics. Like Dr King, I believe we should be treated equally, and judged by our actions. Fortunately for the boy there is an alternative media in this fascist society. Additional footage provided by the alternative media showed that the allegations against a group of boys was false, and made up. For the time being, there is a alternative to fascist falsehoods propagated by the mainstream media outlets. Without the alternative there would be no justice.

So I raise my glass to Nick Sandmann, the boy who rose to the ideals expressed by Reverend Dr Martin Luther King on the steps of a great monument to freedom of all, the Lincoln Memorial. I am heartened by the fact that there was no violence. I have seen violence against those in the red hats. Violence that has brought me unhappy flashbacks. Hopefully we, as a society can avoid such unhappiness. For somebody in my station, which is below median. I believe we are better off than we were before. For that I am happy, and I believe life is good. For the young, like Nick Sandmann and his friends, the future is theirs. It is my belief that the ideals of morality that they exemplify will defeat the selfish fascism that is prevalent today.

You can’t negotiate with fascism. It has to be defeated. With the principles expressed by Dr King, and Nick Sandmann. It can be defeated.



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