You have to know when to fold them. President Trump lost the shutdown battle, that is quite apparent. Nancy and her anti wall soldiers can claim victory. Personally I thought that there would be a compromise. But I was wrong.

I guess I was quite naive about the state of the Republic. My liberal friends warned me years ago that the Republic did not exist. They did not come out and say we are in living in a Fascist society, however they indicated that deviance from the liberal party line would not be tolerated. I didn’t believe them at the time.

What I have observed in our great society is that pink hats are socially acceptable, and red hats are not. Another observation is that pink hats are well off financially, and the red hats are struggling workers. I could go on but that is the basic observation.

The privileged pink hatted society finds any organization of the working class of red hatted deplorables, well sorry to say this, worthy of attack. Sure the wearers of the red hats find the wearers of the pink hats outrageous. However I am completely unaware of any violence perpetrated against the pink hats, I certainly do not advocate violence either. Not only is there random, and organized violence against red hats. It has been normalized. Not only that, creative forms of entrapment are all the fashion.

Sure the battle has been lost, however the war is not over. Sometimes it pays to withdraw, and then fight another day.


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