The Electric Trump Truck Acid Trip

The realization that I lived in a Fascist society came to me as a literal blow to the back of the head. I then wondered where was I. At times I still wonder

I guess it was my naivete that lead me there. My liberal friends had warned me of violence. I however believed in open debate, I had chided my friends that political violence happens in other countries. This is America, we are above that. I was used to open debate without consequence.

I had realized that the media lies politically. The Democrats are blatantly pro union, and the media is totally unionized. I had come to not expect any objectivity. It was too easy to pick stories that support a point of view. Having spent most of my life on the factory floor I had the point of view that unions wreck industry. Unions come in with all sorts of promises, there may be a short term gain, then the factory closes, and everybody is out of a job. Happens over and over again, like clockwork. It is a scenario that supports globalization. The “investors” just build another factory in a low wage country, and reap the profits. Unionism is not a long term solution. Watch the demise of unionized media.

Dissatisfied with big money bought and paid for politicians, I decided to support a politician that went in on his own dime. Hey, if he could run sixteen golf courses he should have some managerial ability. I listened and his main premise was the ills of the country could be overcome with growth. I was in.

I and many others liked the premise of growth. In my head five percent growth would cure all ills. I would publicly express my support. One of the ways I expressed my support was to put a campaign sign in the back of my truck and drive around. It was fun, I could basically just drive around with no real destination. I drove on roads that I had never drove on before. People would give me an enthusiastic thumbs up. Life was good.

Then the media realised that candidate Trump was doing too well. Although the candidate had a history of working with unions, he was not explicitly pro union. Objectivity be examined. There was an explicitly pro union candidate. The media then went to take the candidate down. Yup, it didn’t work. Too many people saw through the duplicity. Then something unprecedented happened. The press, and their allies attacked the candidates supporters. I then noticed that when I drove the Trump Truck around people would give me the finger. There were still as many thumbs up as there were before, however the finger was a new phenomena. I could have expected thumbs down if there was disagreement, and there were some. I respect a person’s right to an opinion. As the press ramped up their hateful rhetoric of the candidate and his supporters, there was an increasing rage on the highways. I found it most interesting that I noticed geographical differences in people’s reactions to the Trump Truck. I guess that I shouldn’t have been surprised, however I went into the endeavor without prejudice or expectation.

I would listen to NPR on the radio, I found it disturbing when they advocated “going beyond your personal morals when attacking Trump supporters”. Yes society now advocated violence against people like me. It wasn’t long before I was attacked. I personally believe it was by paid political thugs, though I can’t prove it. The funny part, or is it a really sad part, is I had been warned of violence by a liberal friend earlier in the day.

I recently had a conversation with Bill Ruger Jr about manufacturing automobiles. He is the only person I know that designed and manufactured his own automobile. I had asked him what would you do differently if you were to do it again. I am always interested in manufacturing so I thought it was a good question. His reply surprised me, “Nothing it was perfect” he said. He was very emphatic too. I personally think something can always be improved, however sometimes things are a moment in time that cannot be changed.

So what would I do to improve the Trump Truck? Or was it a perfect moment in time? The first thing I would absolutely do to the Trump Truck would be to add full time video surveillance. If I only had the license plate number of my attackers I could report them. Would that have really helped though, it is quite evident that the system is politically corrupt. I could end up in more trouble if I pointed out corruption. Still I would want a record of the journey. Another thing, maybe I would want an electronic billboard instead of a campaign poster. Then I could tailor the message to the locale. Additionally if the signage would be visible at night, I would not have to quit at sunset. Something else I thought of was to do a different truck with her, a Hillary Truck. That way responses could be compared, sort of a poll if you will. Would Hillary have gotten as many positives, or negatives? I do not know. I would guess that such a truck would have been meet with public indifference. Finally I may have needed a gun. Would the thugs have been deterred? Who knows. Bill Ruger Sr once said that a honest man needs no more than five bullets, he may have been right. There were only four thugs sent to take me out.

Finally if I were to do it over, and had the means, I would make the Trump Truck electric. Just to make them wonder. Plus it would be nice to have some outstanding acceleration to get the hell away from them fascist thugs.

Although completely frightened I did make it home after the attack. It was then that the words of my friends ran through my head. When I made the connection I fainted dead away striking my head against the bedpost.

Yes fascism permeates our country. I think Trump must have known that when he decided to run. Then again there is the possibility that he was as surprised as I. So I will say Bill Ruger Jr is right. Despite all the possibilities there was a moment in time when the Trump Truck was a perfect moment of mind altering clarity.



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