The Trump Train

All aboard the Trump Train.Trust me, there will be no pain.

From Washington D.C. to Moscow because of a bet, it is a journey you will not forget.

For it will be a journey that is keeping travel great. For it is travel along an amazing landscape.

Big beautiful vistas along the way, make for a gorgeous day.

With a gauge or track width of five megalithic yards spent, it is a distance that is said to be the height of the forty fifth president.

Looking to seek refuge? Not only is this train fast, it is huge.

Able to carry many homes with a view, amazing comfort with company it’s true.

Looking to travel to Beijing? The “Benevolent Overland Neutrality Express” spur will take you there faster than Bing.

Yes this is a Green train, efficient and clean with a shiny set of rims, it is the same shade of green as the coach of the Kim’s.

This coach is better than the rest, it is finer, for truly it is the best.

Under the Bering strait it goes, to increase commerce amongst those who were once foes.

You think I jest? a ticket to ride this thing that is better than a being in a jet.


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