The Evolution of a Party

Andrew Jackson was a populist. I have to assume that a majority of the population at the time were tired of the Whigs and Federalists, or whatever the opposing parties of the time were. Anyway a party was born. The party more or less evolved into the pre-civil war south.

Could being the party of the those who believed in the righteousness of slavery infers a certain amount genetic superiority to the party members? I will leave that thought right there, though I may revisit this later. I was going to mention that after time idealism is replaced with a certain amount of corruption to maintain status quo. Essentially this is why we have elections. If the population at large believes the party in power has become a self serving mechanism, instead of a mechanism to serve the population, they get to vote them out.

Corruption can involve fake news, as well as inside deals to enrich some of others. This is almost expected to a certain degree. However outright lying is wrong, and criminal. Elections have consequences. To the victor go the spoils. However we have laws to attempt to keep thing just. A little mutual back scratching seems to be a reasonable outcome. Rape and pillage on the other hand is criminal. Sometimes in search of a bigger payback a Party goes criminal. Too many supporters asking for too much can cause criminal behavior in the name of righteousness.

Criminality is eventually doomed to failure. Once again those who knowingly pursue a career in criminality most likely have a sense of genetic superiority. When I look at the leadership of the Democrat Party, that is what I see. Once I could rationalize their behavior as misguided or whatever. However when they started stealing campaign signs as a party policy so long ago, they then devolved into criminality. Just my observed opinion.

So in my mind the party had normalized criminality quite a while ago. When it comes to Darwinism, where do you go after normalizing successful criminality? Treason? I think they went there. The prima facie evidence is the fact that they accuse the latest populist president of such behavior, with outlandish claims. Yet they ignore evidence of their own outlandish behavior. This blog is filled with examples their past outlandish behavior.

When Bill Maher wished that the economy would crash so that President Trump would be defeated. He wishes ill against Americans. If his words caused bets against the economy, that is treason. I long believed that the economic downturn of 2008 was politically motivated. It was an amazing success and achieved many goals. Genetically incapable of simple satisfaction Bill Maher and his like simply want a repeat performance.

So will these genetically superior beings be successful? Typically they are very well to do. So why do the want to import people from outside of the country to hurt me? For that is what they have attempted to do.


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