The 9/11 Hijab

Some people did something. Amongst other things they took my best man from this earth. He was smart, kind, understanding, and very caring. That can not be changed.

I try to be understanding, however the hijab is a symbol of the religion that caused so much pain that day. So as I sit with my morning coffee on 9/11 I was surprised to see a segment on the morning news featuring a charity that was supporting a hijab wearing woman selling farm goods.

I think on any other day I would have been OK with the segment. However on 9/11, what were they thinking? Where I live it is not OK to wear a MAGA hat. However a hijab on 9/11 is OK?

Yes I understand that my local news station is staffed by the genetically superior party. However the hijab on 9/11 strikes me as insensitive. I need a safe space. Watching the morning news in my own home can be such a traumatic event. I need, no I demand a support system to relive me of the willful intention to inflict traumatic pain onto my person. The willful triggering of what was already repressed pain at the hands of those who would do me harm absolutely demands reparations to support all necessary efforts to heal any and all of my pains.

If some state sponsored charity can provide for a hijab wearing woman selling vegetables on September 11th, maybe they could force Mecca to by some of my hay during Ramadan.

Hay, I need to sell some hay. Maybe they could use some hay for some goats or something. Funny, if I did sell some hay they would just tax me so they could, well give it to someone else.


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